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Branding Basics

Top Tips

Creating a recognizable identity for your organization is crucial to making an impact amidst a crowded market. A positive brand identity needs to be established throughout your strategic, integrated communications program so that you build equity and recognition. For a quick look at the branding process, and to see how much you know, take the

Quit Smoking

Yes. You. Can.

You Can Quit! And we hope this new little Public Service Announcement (PSA) will help you on that path:  Deb says,”you can quit!” What’s your vision for quitting? Can you see yourself, smoke free?  There are many possible good reasons: influencing others, feeling better, or sticking around for someone you love. Pictured to the right, Deb (the star

Soothing Music

Rejuve I & II

All original music to enhance relaxation and to comfort, inspire and encourage… The most recent release features ambient guitar, clarinet and electronica, while the first CD featured piano with violin and percussion. Feedback so far finds them useful in guided meditations, spa relaxation, and simply drifting pleasantly for a time, away from the stresses of

Grant Writing Basics

Twelve Top Tips

A Dozen Rules of Thumb For Obtaining Grants for Your NGO Everyone who has ventured to start up and run a non-profit, non-government organization knows first and foremost that cash flow is critical to success. It allows you to focus on your purpose for starting the NGO and gives you the bandwidth to hire help,