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Elfenworks and CSUMB

Student Social Entrepreneurs

The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with California State University at Monterey Bay and Elfenworks Productions, LLC, is pleased to announce CSUMB’s second set of student social entrepreneurship scholarships, a project shepherded by Professor Lisa Watson. This project offers a scholarship opportunity to students who are studying the social entrepreneurship methodology we call The Seven Pillars. The

Concert for Hope

Film Still Resonates with Audience

Screened in Maui February 2017  Double Feature with “Hidden Figures”  Ten years after the event, A Concert for Hope was once again seen on the silver screen. We had a good sized audience, and about a quarter of the audience returned short surveys to us. They told us they liked the music, the message, the car

Elfenworks Center for Employment Justice

Golden Gate University

The Golden Gate University School of Law, with its special commitment to public interest law, is helping address a chasm we see in the legal field. We are delighted to support an organization that strives to “provide students with the intellectual and moral foundation which will enable them to become ethical, competent, and socially responsible

Fostering Social Justice Music

Music feeds the soul, inspires hope and can change the course of a life.  Since 2007, we have fostered new voices of hope, through partnerships and by featuring great upcoming artists at our events.  Here are a few, in alphabetical  A Moment’s Worth. (Bandcamp / Youtube / Facebook ) first performed with us in 2011