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Young, Fr. Peter

Social Entrepreneur Honoree –

About Peter Young Housing Industries & Treatment Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment (PYHIT) evolved out of a firm belief that effective recovery is only possible if treatment is followed up with housing and jobs training. PYHIT has forged public-private partnerships across New York State. Its network of treatment, housing, and job training programs are

Egger, Robert

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - &

About DC Central Kitchen Since the DC Central Kitchen was founded in the mid-1980s, it has been using food as a vehicle for change. In today’s Kitchen, clients learn skills and become employed cooks through the Kitchen’s Culinary Jobs Training Program; college students learn about service and business through the Campus Kitchens Project; and nearly

Boyle, Gregory, SJ

Social Entrepreneur Honoree -

About Homeboy Industries Homeboy Industries is a one-stop shop for the previously incarcerated and those who have decided to leave the world of LA’s gangs behind. Homeboy provides addiction and recovery programs; a full curriculum of classes that includes GED, computer training, anger management, and parenting; and free services such as tattoo removal, mental health