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Concert for Hope

Film Still Resonates with Audience

Screened in Maui February 2017  Double Feature with “Hidden Figures”  Ten years after the event, A Concert for Hope was once again seen on the silver screen. We had a good sized audience, and about a quarter of the audience returned short surveys to us. They told us they liked the music, the message, the car

Unconferences for Solutions

Since our inception, we’ve been brainstorming in partnership with others, towards the greater good.  This has sometimes resulted in unconferences – virtual conferences which folks can attend online, saving the expense and hassle of travel.  Below is one example, with more sure to follow. The 11/11/11 FairTruth Unconference During this effort, The Elfenworks Foundation convened

Tracks of Hope

Presented as an unique, pleasing, coffee-table-style book, Tracks of Hope presents its case for doing something about poverty through daunting facts, inspirational anecdotes, innovative ideas, and stories of change makers. It appeals to the mind while being gentle on the eye, leaving the reader with a greater understanding of the effects domestic poverty has on

About Toxic Stress

Here's the "Why" for Our Butterfly

Research focused on the effects of stress has shown that stress leads to the release of cortisol.1 Long-term exposure to cortisol has many negative health outcomes, such as insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.234 In addition, cortisol release has also been shown to reduce some components of memory performance.5    We can’t