The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with Capital University of Economics and Business (Beijing, China) and Elfenworks Productions, LLC, is pleased to offer a competitive “Star of Hope” Scholarship opportunity. The award aims to shine a light on the practice, encouraging aspiring young social entrepreneurs. The project, a joint effort to catalyze the nascent field of social entrepreneurship in China and benefit the Chinese people, is administered through CUEB’s College of Urban Economics and Public Administration, where since 2015, students have had the opportunity to study Intelligence & Compassion in Action: The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs, in a Chinese language edition.

About the Inaugural Scholarship Competition of 2015 
The inaugural year recipient, Zhang Tiancheng, has as a goal no less than to cleanse the air of Beijing. During the landmark award event of November 11, 2015, Elfenworks CEO Lauren Speeth hailed the moment as auspicious, and exhorted students, “Why wait for some mythical hero to step in, when you are the one who sees a way to help?” She reminded them that whatever they practice, they will perfect, and if they want a more compassionate world, to practice compassion. And of course, to “never underestimate your ripple.” Professor Xu then expanded on the power of partnership using the metaphor of a firefly: one alone may not be very powerful, but many together will light the darkness. After this, Vice Dean Wang Deqi addressed the crowd in fluent English, hailing this new partnership and the the possibilities for other such partnerships for the greater good.  The winning group project, Miao Yi Fang (Traditional Chinese Culture Workshop), was presented with an award. Students, faculty, administration, and the press were all in attendance.  Visit our Press Page for press releases prior to 2017.


About Elfenworks “In Harmony With Hope” 
The Elfenworks Foundation works for hope by fostering creative and technological solutions that advance change. Elfenworks identifies chasms, creates change, and amplifies success, whether promoting peace initiatives, assisting nonprofits safely navigate IT security, or helping people cope with stress through the Breathing Butterfly project. Working together with domestic and international university partners, we are fostering a new wave of student social entrepreneurs, through teacher tools, outreach, and scholarship competitions. Students, we’re so proud of you. Never underestimate your ripple!  Never underestimate your ripple! Visit for big and small ways to make a difference.

About Capital University of Economics and Business
Founded in 1956, Capital University of Business and Economics (CUEB) is the leading municipal university in the city of Beijing. CUEB took its current form in 1995 after the merger of the Beijing College of Economics and the Beijing Institute of Finance & Trade. Over the last 60 years, CUEB has grown into a modern multidisciplinary university with strengths in six major subject areas including economics, management, law, literature and science, and engineering, of which economics and management are its core disciplines. CUEB’s department of labor economics is has been accredited as a key national academic program, and is a member one of the Ministry of Education’s Exceptional Key Disciplines Project. The departments of applied economics and statistics are both key first-class disciplines in Beijing, having been ranked 12th and 15th respectively among 88 universities, and 5th among finance and economics universities during the 3rd round of appraisal by the Ministry of Education. For the first time, Tilburg University ranked CUEB 9th for publications in top journals among all mainland universities. In 2013, CUEB itself is considered as a “national education base for ecological civilization”. Website:

About Our Scholarships Project
The Elfenworks Foundation, together with domestic and international university partners, is working hard to foster a new wave of student social entrepreneurs, through scholarship competitions. Find out more by visiting our school partnerships page. Students, we’re so proud of you. Never underestimate your ripple!