ECNISC helps nonprofits cultivate a security mindset and culture where security isn’t a comfort zone and costs are a concern. Our free self-assessment tool and reports clarify the value of staying strong, helping a manager to make a case for funding key areas. Let’s move our sector from a reactive to a more proactive and innovative mindset.   It’s our way of providing a helping hand for the nonprofit sector as a whole.

Let’s solve some of the hardest problems real nonprofits face, right now:



Nonprofits have a hard time making the case for IT security. They are rewarded for spending every last dollar on programs.

FREE detailed self-assessment reports that will help explain their current situation, clarifying the value of key areas.

IT security is not a comfort zone for most nonprofits.

Ways to think about the big questions, including what you’re protecting and why.  With ECNISC, we’re helping nonprofits cultivate a security mindset and culture.

Not knowing where to start.

Easy first steps – the 80/20 rule.

Sense of going at it alone.

Shared experience – collaborating with colleagues.

Reactive: putting out fires.

Proactive – innovating for resiliency & robustness.

Feels like “no fun.” 

Quirky history, breaking news and more!  It’s not all problem solving. You’re invited – – let’s do this!


Just for fun, we pronounce ECNISC as “Echinacea,”  hearkening back to a little wild herb said to help protect against the common cold.