What is ECNISC? The vision of the Elfenworks Center for Nonprofit Information Security Collaboration, or ECNISC is to foster a security mindset and culture in those nonprofits where security isn’t a comfort zone and costs are a concern. The motto? Together we are stronger, safer and more secure.sm  We chose the acronym ECNISC because it could be pronounced as “Echinacea,” a little wild herb that’s said to help your immune system fight colds and flu. 


Why Focus on Nonprofit IT Security? Nonprofits can be judged and rewarded for spending every last dollar on programs, prioritizing programs over infrastructure investments. As a result, potentially savvy decisions for better IT security may be left behind. This, in turn, can lead to a breach, possibly threatening the very viability of the organization.  

What Do We Provide?  Prior to 2019, we provided a host of resources on a secure platform:  a free self-assessment tool and reports; explainer videos and articles; easy first steps feature; the 80/20 rule for prioritizing action; A B C’s of security; top ten lists; breaking news; and relatable stories making key concepts more accessible. Because the site was a PHP installation that would cease to function correctly without a significant overhaul in time for PHP 10, we decided that rather than a “walled garden” approach we would instead make key ECNISC information more widely available to the general public, on this page.

Resources [More Coming Soon – Stay Tuned]