The Elfen Works® Award was created to thank folks for stepping up and choosing to make a difference, and to shine a light on the many ways people are connected, engaged, and doing their part to heal, uplift, and help. 

How To Nominate

We do our own research, and also accept nominations. Feel free contact us to nominate an individual for an Elfen Works® Award. Use our contact page  (no telephone nominations please). We need three things:

  1. Reason for nomination (why they should be honored)
  2. Your contact information (including email address)
  3. Nominee contact information (full name with proper spelling, mailing address, email address, and any URL if associated with an organization) 

What Awardees Win

Honorees will be sent a personalized letter and a frame-worthy certificate, and will be listed in our awardee hall of fame. Your good work is amplified, rippling out to help folks realize that there’s more good news in this world than is offered in the mainstream media. There is no cash prize associated with this award.