Here is our honor roll of Elfen Works Award recipients, so far:

2017 Elfen Works Award Recipients

  • …your nominee here?  

2016 Elfen Works Award Recipients

  • Phoebe Russell—for raising nearly $4,000 to benefit the San Francisco Food Bank, while still in preschool, herself.  
  • Kiran Sridhar—for creating the website Waste No Food to help channel food from the food industry to people in need, while still in high school.
  • Prince William of Wales—for spending a winter night on the streets of a gritty London neighborhood to draw attention to the plight of the homeless.
  • Three Young Students —for gathering together to create and put on a Noe Valley Girls Film Festival, launched in 2016.
  • Comedian John Oliver —for creating his own collection agency, then buying up $15 million in medical debt owed by nearly 9,000 people (at a cost of $60,000) and then working with a nonprofit to forgive that debt.

Elfen Works Award Recipients 2015 and Prior

  • Shawny Anderson—for her exemplary service, from New Orleans to Haiti, and her remarkable teaching skills that are helping to create a new generation of socially active citizens.
  • Ethan Barolette, Sophia Samant & Emily Sullivan—for providing 18,000 meals for San Franciscans in need, before they even started kindergarten.
  • Linda Carlson—for helping women discover their inner strength through her leadership of the Women’s Recovery Association.
  • Holly Carver, Crystal Brown, Cece Kaufman Himelstein, Erica Hunt, Michelle Parker & Linda Schaffer—for banding together and organizing opposition to continued cuts in the California state funding for education.
  • Phil Coombes—for shining a spotlight on hunger in southern California and promoting food donations through his Put the Fork in Hunger campaign.
  • December People—this collection of superstar musicians (Robert Berry, Gary Phil, Jack Foster, David Medd & Mike Vanderhule) bands together each year to perform in a series of holiday concerts that double as benefits for local food banks.
  • Kathleen Haser—for a quarter century of  inspired leadership of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps East.
  • Susan MacKinnon MD—for pioneering nerve transplant surgery to restore limb movements, and for training a new generation to do likewise.
  • Gregory Kloehn—for an artistic and environmental approach  to housing the homeless: repurposing trash into tiny homes for those on the streets.
  • Kermit Kubitz, Jonas Svallin and Dr. Sang-ick Chang—for bravely stepping in and saving a precious human life after the “bakery stabbing” incident in San Francisco.
  • Phil Lebherz—for educating consumers about their rights to basic health care coverage though the Foundation for Health Coverage Education.
  • John F. Mello—for producing a CD benefiting food banks, featuring musicians playing Mello guitars.  
  • Ursula Morgenstern—for creating and continuing Backpackpallooza, an annual backpack and school-supply giveaway for low-income students.
  • Diane Nilan—for putting a face on thousands of homeless persons in America, and for advocating tirelessly on their behalf for more than 25 years.
  • Jennifer Pahlka—for creating Code for America, using technology to connect city governments with their poorest residents.