Our Free Stressbuster

  • “I am very happy I came across this app. My 5-year old son suffers with anxiety and he now asks to open this app when he is getting overwhelmed. We’ve tried similar apps before but they have not worked. I find this a really good fun tool in managing what is a difficult condition and recommend it to other parents eager to find tools that can help reduce stress in their young child’s life.”   – 2017 Feedback from Across the Pond in Ireland <re: Butterfly App>

Social Justice Filmmaking

  • “… inspired me to make more films with social justice messages. It strengthened my belief in my journey to more works with a story and a social message that the audience can relate to.”  <re: CMF>
  • “…life changing experience! I got to see so much of the country, while producing a film, and portraying the plight of poverty. One of the best filmmaking experiences…” –<re: LVSRide>

Supporting Universities

  • “…foresight and generosity were extraordinarily important.” – <re: Mills College CSRB>
  • “…hard to sort out what we’ve done that isn’t attributable to Elfenworks.” – <re: Stanford CPI>

Local Organizations

  • “…blew wind into our sails and we’re soaring from its resounding success. We appreciate your talent and creativeness.” –  <re: local nonprofits>