The For Our Time  Peace Project song has evolved over time, with new verses added by friends and fans. What’s your verse?

Basic Song Verse & Chorus
Hand out stars in the night, Where there’s darkness, shine your light.
Hand in hand, take a stand, for our time.
“Build a bridge, dare to dream, That it’s easier than it seems.
Hand in hand take a stand for our time.
Verse Addition by A Moment’s Worth:
Brother, I have done you wrong when I refused to listen to your song.
Sister, I have caused you many tears.
Brother, I have fallen down, Sister, when you come around,
I will base my life on love not fear…. 
Verse Addition by Kevin Morgenstern:
“Got lost in my little world, Cracked the oyster missed the pearl,
Time to take the blinders off and see.
Gonna break out of my shell, Could be heaven, could be hell,
Which will be is up to you and me.
Version by Hanna M (Russia):
Pushing through all the pain, Your weapons worn and dismayed,
I take your hand, help you stand, one more time.
Cross the bridge, let’s move forward. Our pens are mightier than their swords.
They can’t take what we’ll make for our time.
Verse Addition by Jonny Shorr:
“I wake up shaken by tears, I’ve been pushed around for all these years
But you should be to me what I’m to you
Listen to the song I sing, The voice I carry the love I’ll bring
Reach out for my hand and pull me near 
Bridge by Jonny Shorr:
There are bridges still left to mend.
I can see it all in my head.
Russian Translation by Alexey Kholodnyak:
Как звезда вдалеке (Like a star in the skies)
Свет души твоей во тьме (Shine your soul’s light in the darkness)
Руку мне протяни, в наши дни (Reach out your arms to me in our days)
Мост к мечте – твой ответ (A bridge to a dream — your answer)
Трудно там, где цели нет (It’s difficult where there is no hope)
Руку мне протяни, в наши дни (Reach out your arms to me in our days)
Скажи мне брат, я был неправ (Tell me brother, I was wrong)
Не слыша песен твоих глав (Not hearing the songs of your life)
Сестра, за слезы ты меня прости (Sister, forgive me for your tears)
Поверьте мне друзья мои (Believe me, my friends)
Быть может я сошел с пути (Maybe I had lost my way)
Но жизнь свою построю на любви (But now I will build my life on love.)
В наши дни.. в наши дни… (In our days)