The In Harmony With Hope® Award was established in 2007 to honor individuals who are innovating in bold new ways and creating hope through substantive and meaningful change. The extraordinary people who are honored with this award are creative social entrepreneurs who have developed innovative solutions to pressing needs in our society.

So many aspects of domestic hope – bolstering health, fostering at-risk youth, breaking the addiction/incarceration cycle, curing violence, tackling hunger and homelessness and more – the programs created by our winners have demonstrated proven results and had significant impact. What’s more, they hold the promise of being replicable for even greater impact.

In a rigorous selection process that takes a year or more, winners are carefully screened for innovation, creativity, scope, and impact. The process includes background research and speaking with individuals who have worked with the nominee. The foundation’s Board of Trustees made the final selection in the spring of each year, with the awards ceremony taking place later in the year. As with all of our projects, candidate evaluation relies on the Seven Pillar Methodology that we use and teach: 

  • Vision: does the nominee follow a vision, tuning out naysayers?
  • Non-Duplication: do they go where needed?
  • Special Skills: are they bringing their special skills to bear?
  • Partnership: are they working in partnership with stakeholders?
  • Credit Sharing: Are they generous in sharing credit with others?
  • Feedback: How robust are their metrics and feedback mechanisms? 
  • Staying Power: Are they likely to stay the course for the long term?

 In the ten years since the award’s inception, we have recognized the following thirty visionaries:

  1. Will Allen – Growing Power 2010
  2. Rafael Alvarez – Genesys Works 2012
  3. Gregory Boyle – Homeboy Industries 2009
  4. Rose Broome – HandUp 2015
  5. Rosalynn Carter – The Carter Center 2007
  6. Joyce Dattner – Bay Area All Stars 2007
  7. Eric Dawson – Peace First 2015
  8. Robert Egger – DC Central Kitchen & CForward 2009
  9. Brenda Eheart – Generations of Hope 2011
  10. Dr. Paul Farmer – Partners in Health 2007
  11. Christa Gannon – Fresh Lifelines for Youth 2013
  12. Ted Gonder – MoneyThink 2015
  13. Rosanne Haggerty – Common Ground & Community Solutions 2010
  14. Lois Lee – Children of the Night 2008
  15. Jim McCorkell – College Possible 2011
  16. Dr. Jack McConnell – Volunteers in Medicine 2008
  17. Suzanne McKechnie Klahr – BUILD 2016
  18. Margaret Martin – Harmony Project 2014
  19. Mauricio Lim Miller – Family Independence Initiative 2012
  20. Bill Milliken – Communities in Schools 2011
  21. Paul Minorini – Boys Hope Girls Hope 2007
  22. Rebecca Onie – Health Leads 2010
  23. Gary Oppenheimer – 2012
  24. Laura Weidman Powers – CODE2040 2016
  25. Doniece Sandoval – LavaMae 2016
  26. Dr. Gary Slutkin – Cure Violence 2013
  27. Scott Warren – Generation Citizen 2014
  28. Andrew Yang – Venture for America 2013
  29. Peter Young – Peter Young Housing, Industries and Treatment 2009
  30. Jim Ziolkowski – buildOn 2014

We have been graced with some wonderful emcees at our In Harmony with Hope awards ceremony including: acclaimed actors Danny Glover, Elijah Kelley, and Nora Zehetner; news anchor Wendy Tokuda; radio personality Charly Kayle; Immunologist David Jackson, and football legend Ronnie Lott.

Gallery of Honorees

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