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App 2.0 Arrives Just in Time for Holidays
Now with Arabic, Hebrew, Italian and “Alt” English
Stress-Busting Gets Boost

San Mateo, California (December 14, 2016) – The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with app developer Tip-Tok, today announced the release of an fresh new update to the Breathing Butterfly app. 

“With so many languages to choose from now,” said Nelly Baumb, who heads up the Butterfly Project for The Elfenworks Foundation,”We just felt it was time to make navigation easier for folks.”   The navigation may be easier, but the app packs a much bigger punch with new languages and a second, alternative English version with a sleek blue butterfly.

Arabic, Hebrew and Italian are the latest languages added to the growing list of 26 language offerings. There are 29 choices in all, including two English versions, and a song version, playable with and without a vocal track.  Additional materials, including activities and fan art, are available online.

We invite members of the press to contact us with any questions, and to please check our Butterfly Project Website,, for more.


  • Stress-busting Butterfly Flutters in for the Holidays.
  • Elfenworks adds Hebrew Arabic Italian to #breathingbutterfly

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About Elfenworks “In Harmony With Hope” 
The Elfenworks Foundation works for hope in America by fostering creative and technological solutions that advance change. Elfenworks identifies chasms, creates change, and amplifies success, whether promoting peace initiatives, assisting nonprofits safely navigate IT security, or helping people cope with stress through the Breathing Butterfly project. Visit for big and small ways to make a difference.

About Tip-Tok
Tip-Tok is a mobile and desktop game development studio formed through the partnership of programmer Niilo Tippler and illustrator/animator Chris Tokunaga. The team offers a strong ability to work within established brands and styles as well as the strong skills to create wholly original art and gameplay based on our customers needs. Principals Tippler and Tokunaga have been working together for 20 years, collaborating on such projects and clients as Warner Bros, Disney, Sprout, Nickelodeon, Paramount, FOX Kids, and Mattel. Learn more at

About Our Breathing Butterfly Project
It sounds so simple: a deep breath when a butterfly opens and closes its wings. Yet the research is clear: a few deep breaths can really help with toxic stress. Originally designed with young users in mind to help aid in relaxation and relief for anxious bodies, The Breathing Butterfly employs a sweet butterfly metaphor to move from “fight or flight” to “relaxation response,”  with online resources and a free app for mobile devices.  Our free app has a soothing game that echoes gentle breathing, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) visualization in many languages.  This simple yet profound tool is now being enjoyed by users of all ages.