Music feeds the soul, inspires hope and can change the course of a life.  Since 2007, we have fostered new voices of hope, through partnerships and by featuring great upcoming artists at our events.  Here are a few, in alphabetical 

A Moment’s Worth. (Bandcamp / Youtube / Facebook ) first performed with us in 2011 after winning our Elfenworks College Battle of the Bands Student Social Justice Award for their song Dedicate.  Six long-time friends from the Bronx who share an insatiable drive to write, create, and perform their own music. Since 2004, the band A Moment’s Worth – Alex Bondarev, Anthony Albanese, Frank Quarto, Johnny Endico and Nicola Terzulli– bhas inspired their tightly-knit fans with their tremendous energy and passion, thoughtful lyrics, inventive beats, and cant-get-them-out-of-your-head melodies. Never content to sit on their laurels, the band is constantly delving deeper, emotionally and musically. With each successive album release, their evolution as artists is evident. Their fans have grown along with them, and as such AMW’s discography ecomes more than an autobiography representative of their journey with the band, thus far. To the crowds, who know and sing their lyrics, it’s their story too. This band is in ongoing partnership with The Elfenworks Foundation, most recently in furtherance of our peace-raising song, For Our Time, for which Alex wrote a verse and developed a  video. Alex Bondarev, the driving force behind A Moment’s Worth, has now launched a solo project, Conversing with Oceans. Bondarev was, and still is, our ongoing partner <<detail page>>.  

The Bailen Brothers joined us in 2013 to perform the song that earned them our top honors: a 2013 Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Student Social Justice Award.  Described by Entertainment Weekly as one of the “Top 5 indie discoveries of the CMJ music festival,” Hailing from NYU and Juilliard, songwriting twin duo David and Daniel Bailen have been on the NY club scene and touring since 2007, including Florence, Italy, where venues included Milan’s Blue Note and The Pinocchio Club. Back stateside, they were voted the best college band in the North-East by College Battle and Grammy U, and one of the top 5 bands in Manhattan by WNYC radio and The Greene Space.Their “compositions are impressively crisp, with a flawless brass section and two-part vocal harmonies to rival Simon & Garfunkel.” ( They have written music for and/or been featured on Nickelodeon, Huffington Post,, Refinery 29, The Man Repeller, Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Guess Bambini, Vogue Bambini, The Globe and Mail, and more. In 2012 they released their first full-length album “Must Be Mistaken” co-produced with world-renowned producer, Joe Mardin (Raul Midon, Jewel, Nora Jones). They have played on the Vh1 Save the Music Breaking Through Concert Series, Harlem Jazz Museum’s Annual July 4th Concert in the Park, and the CMJ Music Marathon. They have also held residencies and played shows at The Studio @ Webster Hall, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Local 269, The Bitter End, Sullivan Hall, Tammany Hall, The Triad Theater,
The Laurie Beechman Theater, The Double Seven, and many more. 

Beat Advocate joined us performed the song that earned them the Elfenworks Social Justice Prize and an invitation to perform with us. You will not want to miss this song, The Other Side. 

Eyeshine joined us in 2009 with their Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Award Winning Song “Alone,” with honest and simple lyrics that cut to the core of the human condition, featured on their album “My Paper Kingdom” and noted as one of Top 15 Most Played Indie Artist’s songs by the IAIRA.  Formed in 2004 by front man Johnny Yong Bosch and Maurice Salmin, Eyeshine first found success in 2006 with a unique blend of pop punk and post grunge called Edge Rock. They went on to produce seven more albums: “Tone Of Echoes” (features the Elfenworks Foundation sponsored song “Hope Is So Far Away”), “Afterglow” (acoustic album), “Sonosis” (instrumental album), “Sansvox” (karaoke album), “XMAS” (Christmas album), “Revolution Airwaves,” and their acoustic album “Like Yesterday.” In 2012, Eyeshine won the worldwide Ford sponsored “Gimme The Gig II” competition. We were proud to help sponsor a video they produced, in solidarity with the poor, entitled “hope is so far away.”  For many years, the band worked together with us to spread the message about how audience members can get involved in big and small ways. While this was ongoing, we noticed a good deal of buzz, and traffic. We also had one person write in, with positive feedback about the partnership:

“I am happy to “like” such a great cause. I heard of your organization through Eyeshine and couldn’t be happier that you are giving them your support. I can tell you now that their music has gotten me and several others through many tough times. Hopefully we can all work together to further the reach of these hopeful, uplifting and positive messages to help even more people! Thanks for everything you have done and will do in the future.” – BV

We couldn’t agree more. Working together, we can make one intense, positive ripple. In the words of Johnny Yong Bosh, “it’s in our hands just to make it happen.”

Jonny Shorr. A singer/songwriter and musician born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and attended the Music Industry program at the University of Southern California, Jonny won our Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Social Justice award for his song “Grace.” He was featured artist at our In Harmony with Hope Award event in 2014 (joined by his band members Nathan Fertig -piano/vocals, Yoonchan Choi -violin, and James Prinzi -percussion), and continued the partnership, writing a verse and recording a version of our peace-raising song, For Our Time. He returned to play it for us, captivating the In Harmony with Hope Awards audience’s hearts for a second time in 2016.  His self-titled EP was  produced and recorded with Stonecutter Records and Grammy-nominated producer Chris Steinmetz (Kiss, Rihanna, Marty Casey). Jonny wrote an acoustic score for USC-UCLA’s co-production of Columbinus, interned with Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica, and has been working with writers at the Swedish label TEN MUSIC GROUP. He raised more than $20,000 for therapeutic arts programs with his award-winning song “Grace,” and continues to make great ripples of hope through music. 

Kathleen Elle wowed us with Don’t Let ‘Em In,  winning our Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Social Justice Prize and performing the song at our In Harmony with Hope award.  The same song has received recognition from Seventeen Magazine, Secret Deodorant, and Abercrombie & Fitch/Hollister, who included it in their anti-bullying PSAs. This young singer/songwriter, a National YoungArts Winner and TEDx speaker, realizes the incredible power of music and strives to make a difference. She is a founding member of the 2015 invite-only Lincoln Center Global Exchange, a symposium of world leaders across government, education, media, science and the arts, with the goal of advancing the arts as a crucial element of society, rather than an expendable option. She believes that music can reach into your soul and deliver a message like no other medium can. She regularly speaks and performs for schools and youth groups on anti-bullying, believing in yourself, and the power of music. Kathleen is currently pursuing a classical music composition and education degree. 

The Thirstbusters joined us in 2012 after winning our Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Social Justice Prize at the College Battle of the Bands earlier in the year.  ’Mixing the sensitivity of jazz with the catchiness of pop/rock, the band’s sound reflects a unique blend of musical influences. Chase, Forrest, and Zach started playing music together in elementary school. When they met Ryan at Berkeley High School they decided to form a band. Today, they are spread out across the country, finishing their last year of college (except for Zach, who graduated this spring). Across the miles and the years, they have continued to collaborate; their efforts resulted in the release of their second CD this summer, titled Caught Between. The album features Finders Keepers, the song that won this year’s Elfenworks Social Justice Prize at the College Battle of the Bands.


A Concert for Hope – This landmark event featured The Elfenworks Festival Ensemble with Maestro Mitchell Sardou Klein featuring a world-premiere work of Giancarlo Acquilanti, jazz great Tammy Hall, and a gospel choir… celebrating the launch of The Center on Poverty and Inequality at Stanford University. The event was filmed and released to critical acclaim, and you can now watch it in its entirety, online [read more]. The following year, The Bay Area All Stars (now The All Stars Project) electrified the crowd at our 2008 Hope Takes Flight event at the Hiller Aviation Museum. With such an outstanding roster of musical talent, it’s no wonder that the message “never underestimate your ripple” is spreading better than ever. Music is food for the soul, so keep making those positive ripples!

You can be a storyteller for change. Musicians, Filmmakers, Artists, Writers – sometimes hard truths can be said in art that otherwise wouldn’t be spoken. Make your voice heard. Writers, consider joining a fiction forum, and spread messages of hope and positive ripples. And student filmmakers, why not enter the Elfenworks Social Justice Category? Don’t feel like an artist? Your words still have power. Let someone know their involvement matters, and share this page with them. Use your online postings (FB, Twitter, or whatever) to spread the word about what you care about.