The Golden Gate University School of Law, with its special commitment to public interest law, is helping address a chasm we see in the legal field. We are delighted to support an organization that strives to “provide students with the intellectual and moral foundation which will enable them to become ethical, competent, and socially responsible professionals in a complex and interrelated legal world.” In October, 2010, The Elfenworks Foundation and Golden Gate University School of Law jointly announced the founding of The Elfenworks Center for Employment Justice at the Women’s Employment Rights Clinic of Golden Gate University School of Law. With a $500,000 contribution from The Elfenworks Foundation, part of which will constitute an endowment fund for the new Center, the Center for Employment Justice will focus on advocacy, legal services, and education for domestic workers and other caregivers. It includes a mandate that allows for expansion in the future, should potential needs change, to other issues affecting low-income workers. Below, we record how people rang in with their hopes for the Elfenworks Center:

“This grant and this Center grow out of the deep and long-standing commitment of the foundation’s founding CEO, Dr. Lauren Speeth, to employment justice for low-wage women workers, with a focus initially on the rights, much in the news of late, of domestic workers and caregivers. The Law School, and our students, the great public interest lawyers of tomorrow, are honored, thrilled, profoundly grateful and indefatigably committed to making the Elfenworks Center for Employment Justice a national leader in this critical area of workers’ rights.”  – Dru Ramey, Dean, GGU School of Law

“We share a common passion. And it is our passion for GGU that is transforming the university and strengthening our ability to provide a high-quality, professional-practice education for the next generation of legal professionals and business leaders … The Elfenworks Foundation’s support will help to ensure we continue to offer the most dynamic and up-to-date educational model available by combining legal theory in the classroom with practical skills training through our clinical programs for law students seeking to work, learn and succeed. Your gift to Golden Gate University supports our students’ efforts to transform their lives, careers and communities . . . Thank you again for sharing in our common passion and your investment in GGU.” –Frederic White, Former Dean, GGU School of Law

“We are thrilled, honored, and tremendously excited to have Elfenworks’ support and partnership on our very important poverty work. We feel passionately that this is the single, most pressing issue affecting very poor working women.” – Professor Marci Seville, Director of GGU’s Women’s Employment Rights Clinic

Poverty Law Education

Since 2009, we have partnered with Golden Gate University School of Law 
to allow the continuation of legal studies related to poverty law, including an annual symposium where students are able to present their work on various aspects of the law that are of particular concern.  Professor Michele Benedetto Neitz estimates that, as of First Quarter 2017 she had taught 80 students and had 200 symposium attendees. 

The SALT Conference

We supported GGU in bringing The Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) on campus for a Conference “Vulnerable Populations and Economic Realities” at Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco. Our CEO, Dr. Lauren Speeth, spoke at the event and also performed the awareness-raising song “Such a Crime,” joined by John Watkins (also on guitar) and Don Kane (bass). Just as with A Concert for Hope, we had an entire audience singing along with us.  You can still watch the keynote speaker, John Payton, online: (Part I) (Part II).