Peace Project submissions have been closed. We appreciate all your efforts and willingness to be part of a song for peace!

It’s time! The “For Our Time” peace initiative is a creative collaboration that invites you to riff on our song of peace. Peace is needed for hope to thrive. We invite you to join the song and add your voice to the movement: sing along to this tune, or add a verse that’s inspired by the song’s message of peace and loving kindness. You never know how far your voice will carry. Remember, never underestimate your ripple.


As long as it’s possible to create a *PEACE THEMED* internet experience – visuals or videos and the like – then we’re game to consider it. This means however you express peace in your heart, we’d love to have you share it with us. If we feel it could help us grow peace, we’ll consider posting it. Eventually, we hope to have enough to create an interactive gallery page. Here are two versions from artists who still work with us after we got to know them as winners of our Elfenworks Student Social Justice music competition at Campus Moviefest, when it had a music component:


Check out the verses so far or download sheet music to help you along.


WOW!  Here are more socially conscious musicians we now love – Trinity Rose’s release for 2019, plus some these wonderful songs from previous years: Ezre (World of Peace, submitted by Alan Licht, is audio only for now), Aadil Farook (Song for World Peace: Pakistan’s Gift to Humanity) and New Nobility Band (Galactic Love, Make a Better World) have submitted great new songs on peace and love. Enjoy!!   


Congratulations and thanks to all the outstanding artists who have contributed so far. Stay tuned for what’s next … or submit your “peace of art” to us and BE what’s next!



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