Jade Zhao – US Grand Prize Winner “Disobedience” “Getting up to that stage to accept the awards still feels surreal till today. As a student filmmaker, I have participated each year with different crew since freshman. It is CMF that have helped me realize my dream of filmmaking and we can not be more excited and grateful to get such a recognition. Most of our crew are international students from China. It means even more to us to make a recognized short film with the language barrier I have always believed that there is no great film without a message. As the screenwriter and director of Disobedience, I tried my best to share with the audience my belief in social justice. The stories and struggles from the character exist in real life, in our family and our friends. Winning the Elfenworks award definitely inspired me to make more films with social justice messages. It strengthened my belief in my journey to more works with a story and a social message that the audience can relate to. No matter how little this effort is, I believe they can come together and make a difference.”

Kevin & Calvin Ross – US 2nd Place “A Terrible Thing” “Ever hear the stories about how people made their first dollar? Well, here is the first check that we made as an official business (The Blasian Twins, LLC). Thanks to the wonderful people at the Elfenworks Foundation and Campus MovieFest for blessing us with such an amazing reward! This will definitely help us become grounded on our future endeavors to help make the world a better place through our talents. Success is a journey, not a destination. ”

Christopher Hanby – UK 3rd Place “Change Please” “I was surprised but very pleased to win this prize and it is a real boost to my filmmaking – but perhaps most importantly this prize will have an impact on my main collaborator: my friend Jay who is the star of the film and still currently homeless. We agreed that we’d split any prize money, and now he will have almost enough to get himself in a hostel – and off the streets. Naturally I’m still filming him so the story is not over! I’d like to thank Elfenworks for giving me the impetus and the motive to create this film, and perhaps – make some change.”

Watch the Student Films

Below, through our embedded YouTube playlist, you can watch all the winners and runners-up from the inception of the program:

Please note that all prizes are awarded by Campus MovieFest at or shortly after the Grand Finale. See www.campusmoviefest.com for more information about the big Terminus event.  Find out more on our CMF General Page