LVSRide – a gem of a film – was the result of a partnership with Lasallian Volunteers of America (LVA), The San Damiano Foundation, and Campus Moviefest. Premiered in 2012, this film continues to garner viewers in private screenings, this sweet film captures the LVA as they ride across america raising awareness about domestic poverty, volunteerism, and hope.

With neither the resources nor the expertise to film their adventure, The Lasallian Volunteers turned to us. We, in turn, brought in The San Damiano Foundation (SDF) and Campus Moviefest (CMF) as well. Filmmaker Nishant Gogna was identified by CMF, and agreed to take on the project. CMF provided the editing software, and Elfenworks and SDF provided the film and data storage equipment required for the shoot. We continued to consult with the LVA to help spread the word about their film and advise them on how to submit to film festivals. Nishant Gogna did such a beautiful job with the film that Campus Moviefest hired him as a member of their staff.  This rippled back to Elfenworks, as Gogna’s artful filmmaking was directed towards our Elfenworks/CMF how-to film for students!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the trailer for LVSRide:

This project was a win-win project for all participants: Campus Moviefest and the filmmaker are happy, because it was involvement in Campus Moviefest that led to this professional opportunity for a young filmmaker.   The San Damiano Foundation is happy, because the film is in keeping with their motto “putting the power of film at the service of the poor.”  We’re happy, because this project proves the power that student filmmakers can have, making a real difference in the world of social justice.  Follow the rest of the quest at:

Filmmaker Feedback

“I can’t say it enough, it was such a great opportunity and a life changing experience! I got to see so much of the country, while producing a film, and portraying the plight of domestic poverty. I cannot thank you and the Lasallian Volunteers enough for that experience. … This was one of the best filmmaking experiences I’ve ever had in my career.” –Nishant Gogna

Documentary Details

Release Date: 12/4/2011
A Nishant Gogna Film.
An Al Cassidy Production.

In association with:
Lasallian Volunteers
Elfenworks Productions, LLC
San Damiano Foundation
Christian Brothers Conference
Countless other supporters and volunteers.