The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with California State University at Monterey Bay and Elfenworks Productions, LLC, is pleased to announce CSUMB’s second set of student social entrepreneurship scholarships, a project shepherded by Professor Lisa Watson. This project offers a scholarship opportunity to students who are studying the social entrepreneurship methodology we call The Seven Pillars. The first winning scholars were announced in 2016 [Press Release] and students were advised of the scholarship in Spring, 2017.  Students, we applaud you for pursuing your education and remind you, “never underestimate your ripple!” 

Scholarship Details

Each semester, three students, whose projects most exemplify the critical wisdom and potential application of the Seven Pillars through their design of a social entrepreneurial project, are named Elfenworks Scholars and win small stipends. Additionally, each Elfenworks Scholar will be invited to visit Elfenworks and spend time with founders and the team, at a mutually convenient time within the school year during which they received the award (non-transferable). Thorough completion of this project satisfies the following learning outcomes set forth in Professor Watson’s course:

  • Outcome 1: Comprehension/Interpretation: Ability to use empathic and critical reading, listening, viewing and speaking skills to understand information and ideas, to distinguish among diverse genres of communication, to identify a point of view and its explicit support and to locate significant points of agreement and disagreement among multiple perspectives.
  • Outcome 2: Analysis/Evaluation: Ability to use empathic and critical thinking skills to identify underlying assumptions, beliefs, values and interests of various perspectives. Ability to determine relevance and significance of shared assumptions and points of disagreement in a controversy.
  • Outcome 3: Decision Making: Ability to determine a range of ethical alternatives and their consequences for all those affected, and to make reasoned decisions accounting for their effects on all.
  • Outcome 4: Presentation: Ability to use oral and written means to convey one’s own perspectives to others and to achieve one’s purpose both ethically and effectively.

About the Inaugural Scholarship Award 2016

Students Robin Jensen, Ashlyn Pochop, and Hatty Gardner were celebrated at an award event on December 8th at the Student Center, in the presence of faculty and staff, family and friends.

Kenneth Tam, Lisa Watson, and the three scholars with Elfenworks CEO Lauren Speeth


About Elfenworks “In Harmony With Hope” 
The Elfenworks Foundation works for hope by fostering creative and technological solutions that advance change. Elfenworks identifies chasms, creates change, and amplifies success, whether promoting peace initiatives, assisting nonprofits safely navigate IT security, or helping people cope with stress through the Breathing Butterfly project. Visit for big and small ways to make a difference.

About California State University at Monterey Bay
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About Our Scholarships Project
The Elfenworks Foundation, together with domestic and international university partners, is working hard to foster a new wave of student social entrepreneurs, through scholarship competitions. Find out more by visiting our school partnerships page. Students, we’re so proud of you. Never underestimate your ripple!