We have a long tradition of partnering with educational institutions, both domestically and internationally.  As a result, we have many foreign visitors to our website. As we continue to forge new partnerships, we always apply the Seven Pillar criteria.   Together with our educational partners in China, the Ukraine and right here in California, we’re unleashing the power of students for the greater good.

Kiev Taras Schevchenko National University  – Ukraine
Announcing the first-ever-in-Ukraine Elfenworks Student Competition on Social Entrepreneurship, 2016-2017.  Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, a classic university with a distinct research profile, is the leading contemporary academic and educational hub of Ukraine. The staff at the University have a broad range of formal achievements recognized, such as the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, as well as awards from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and branches of the National Academies of Sciences.  

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California State University at Monterey Bay – USA
We’ve combined forces with California State University at Monterey Bay and Professor Lisa Watson to offer a scholarship to her students who are studying our entrepreneurship methodology, allowing them to take it one step further. Founded in 1994 on the former site of Fort Ord by educators and community leaders, CSUMB provides over 7,600 students an extraordinary opportunity to learn on a residential campus just one mile from the shores of the beautiful Monterey Bay.

[CSUMB Scholarship Detail Page] [Press Release 2016]

Capital University of Economics & Business – China
The Elfenworks “Star of Hope” scholarship award is offered in partnership with the College of Urban Economics and Public Administration at Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) in Beijing, China.  Founded in 1956, CUEB took its current form in 1995 after the merger of the Beijing College of Economics and the Beijing Institute of Finance & Trade. Over the last 60 years, CUEB has grown into a modern multidisciplinary university, a leading municipal university in the city of Beijing, with strengths in six major subject areas including economics, management, law, literature and science, and engineering, of which economics and management are its core disciplines.The inaugural “Star of Hope” Scholar recipient, Zhang Tiancheng, aspires to cleanse the air of Beijing, a laudable goal.   

[CUEB Scholarship Detail Page] [ Press Release – 2015] [Press Release – CCTV]

Students, don’t see your college listed above? Just because your college doesn’t have an Elfenworks scholarship doesn’t mean they don’t have any sort of scholarship for getting involved in the greater good. Go find out. After all, there’s no harm inquiring, right?  Also, if you live in the USA, check out Campus Moviefest, the “world’s largest student film festival.”  Your creative voice can make a real difference, so don’t miss your chance to participate in our Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Student Social Justice Award.  

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Administrators, considering being in touch regarding teaching the Seven Pillars at your institution?  You’ll go F.A.R. when you consider these three areas:

  1. F = Focus – Do you have a focus on hope and student-driven change that aligns with our vision? Do you encourage your students to dream big and shoot for the stars, with “big hairy audacious goals?”  Is your department a good fit for teaching the Seven Pillar methodology, and can it be easily integrated into your curriculum?
  2. A = Acknowledged – Does your school have a well-respected reputation, with special skills as educators, attracting top students, and having staying power?
  3. R = Reach – Have your school and students had historic impact, such as with partnerships such as local nonprofits? How far will your students carry this information? What part of your population will our methods or message touch? Finally (re: non-duplication in our efforts) is your university reaching a group we’ve already reached, with other partnerships?

We are focusing on bringing our methodology to educators in major cities because, as Dr. Raymond Bakke reminds us, “what the poor need is information and technology transfer. That is what they really need.”   Moreover, “cities are, in fact, the amplifying speakers in every culture, and it is sound strategy… the ripples will be felt across the countryside.”  (Bakke. A Biblical Word for an Urban World. 2000. pp.34 & 87). If you think your school is right for a partnership with us, why not get in touch?

Students, educators, and administrators, we applaud you. Keep making those great ripples for a brighter tomorrow!