It seems so simple, yet we’ve found it to be profoundly helpful: follow your vision, use your special skills in a non-duplicative way, work in partnership, share the credit, measure results, and stay the course. Our CEO has also written a helpful book expanding on that advice, entitled Intelligence & Compassion in Action; The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs.  Here’s a taste:

Use our handy “Be the Change” Worksheet to apply the 7-Pillars to your Project, Process, or Decision, and find out MORE for each pillar, by visiting the detail pages: 

Learning/Teaching Tools

  • White Paper on Teaching the Seven Pillars. – In this paper, CSUMB Professor Lisa Watson explains how the methodology is used at California State University, Monterey Bay, the effects that it has had, with her students, and suggestions for success.  You may wish to base your term project requirements on hers, or branch out with your own.
  • Student Assignment I  – “Expanding on the Pillars – An 8th Pillar?” with actual student results. 
  • Student Assignment II  – “Representing the Pillars in Other Ways” with actual student results. 
  • Be the Change” Worksheet  What you practice, you perfect. Start using the Seven Pillars right away with this helpful worksheet. 
  • Inspiring Examples – Social Entrepreneur PDF   –  Example social entrepreneurs in relation to the Seven Pillars.
  • Quiz (Very Simple & Basic) – Ensure you have the basics (hosted on Quizlet).
  • Crossword Puzzle – A crossword puzzle  to help solidify learning. 
  • Word Scramble –  A fun way to help you retain your knowledge.

Feedback on the Pillars

I work in academic fundraising. The 7 pillars work very well for one on one conversations about philanthropy. If you use each pillar during your conversation you will cover all of the necessary areas: stewardship, buy in, leadership, listening, feedback, relationship, and most importantly saying thank you in a meaningful way. A donor’s times is valuable. The 7 pillars ensure that value in given and received. This is a wonderful check list for engaging synergistic relationships. Don’t make a phone call or schedule a visit without the 7 pillars list. – Ron Turner, St. Mary’s College.

So Far…

We’re excited to spread the word. All our team know the methodology and are explaining it in their own circles of influence.  In addition, Our CEO has brought this methodology in person to audiences worldwide, including:

  • California State University Monterey Bay, 2015, 2014, 2013 and prior – at least once a year over the  years, by request of CSUMB Professor Lisa Watson, with student scholarship. 
  • University of San Francisco, 2014, by request of USF Professor Kathleen Kane.
  • SOUM – YWAM Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India, 2013, by request of  YWAM Trichy Director Rev. A. Marimuthu.Church of the Pacific, Maui HI, 2010, by invitation of the pastors.
  • Saint Mary’s College of California, 2010, by request of SMC Professor Dr. Barbara McGraw.
  • Mills College, guest lecturer annually for ten years in class “Leadership, Ethics & Entrepreneurship,” by request of Mills Professor Nancy Williams and Dean Nancy Thornborrow
  • Australian National University, 2012, by invitation of ANU Professor Dr. Christopher Vas.
  • Carter Center, Port St. Lucy FL, at Winter Weekend event, by invitation of The Carter Center.
  • At the University of Jordan, in April of 2015, by invitation of Professor Dr. Rula Quawas
  • At the World Affairs Council in Amman, Jordan, in April of 2015
  • Forthcoming international trips, as additional translations come online


Visit the Elfenworks Productions, LLC website for the book itself.

If you can’t find an answer on our website, we want to know about it. We’re here to answer your questions, and all our team members are well versed. If you are  an educator looking to incorporate the Seven Pillars into your curriculum, why not be in touch? Even if you’re non-local, perhaps one of us is already planning a visit to your area, or we can likely arrange a remote, online presentation.