Visionary In Harmony with Hope award winners are focusing on education in various ways, knowing that a hand-up through education can lead to a better life, and ripple through communities:  

Student filmmakers have shone a spotlight on education with winning films including:

  • A Day of Hope: A tale of second chances and reentry into the workforce, through training programs. It tells the story of one day of hope and overcoming. Film By: Ryan Palm, Yoni Shrira. Winner: Second Prize, 2012
  • A Terrible Thing: A young college-bound man struggles to reconcile the person he knows himself to be with how he feels he appears. The word play at the ending is terribly brilliant, echoing the old United Negro College Fund slogan, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  Film By: Kevin Ross, University of Alabama Winner: Second Prize, 2015
  • Uncommon Cents: A  young man, encouraged by his teacher to pursue his college dreams, is a beacon of hope to his younger brother. We believe along with them as together they refuse to let circumstances dominate their tomorrows. “I can, I will, I must!”  Film By: Patrick Walker, Georgia Perimeter. Winner: Alumni Honorable Mention, 2016.

We hope that information/films in this spotlight page have filled you with new hope for the future, and perhaps inspired you to action as well. For more ideas for how you can make a big ripple with your time, treasure, and talents visit our “make a ripple” page,

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