Care about the environment? So do we! 

Sustainable Greening

A farm is rising from the desert sands in Jordan. The Elfenworks Foundation’s newest partnership, with the Blessed Ones Society (a charity that provides care and enrichment of Jordan’s orphaned children), began taking shape when we were in Jordan for a speaking engagement at the World Affairs Council and the University of Jordan. While there, we learned they had been gifted a large plot of land and had a dream for a sustainable farm. With the framework slated for completion in the Jordanian Badia late 2018, that dream will soon become a reality. One of the world’s 10 driest countries will be home to a sustainable hydroponic barley farm. The hydroponic system will use 97% less water than is traditionally required for barley production, and the barley will be used as fodder for sheep—a staple in Jordanian diets. The sheep will grow to maturation, eating some of the crop, providing a buffer from market vagaries. Historically, they’ve had to import the barley fodder, thanks to their non-arable land. Fewer imports mean a reduced carbon footprint. And by adding to the supply of feed, the project raises Jordan’s capacity to sustain livestock. Proceeds from sales of grown sheep should bring ongoing revenue to reinvest in The Seven Pillars Ranch (so named to honor the Elfenworks Seven Pillar Methodology). Plans call for additional adjacent acreage to be converted to hydroponic systems for further farming and adding a process called silage, in which the barley ferments for a period to produce a high-quality feed for sheep, cows, and other ruminants. The farm will offer students from the U. of Jordan and local high schools experiential learning opportunities. The farm will be staffed, in part, by local women farmers, empowering them with income-generating work. It will additionally provide hope and jobs to a small number of the more-than 1,000,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, many of whom are nearby the farm in camps and have farming skills. [read more]

Nonviolence and Climate Change Talk

We sponsored John Dear – Peace in a Time of Climate Change in Spring 2018. The event was filmed by Elfenworks Productions, LLC and is available for viewing on that website (film section).

Climate Reality Leadership Training

In 2017, we invested in our team, when two of us traveled to Pittsburgh to attend Climate Reality Leadership training.  We came back with a renewed appreciation for the urgency of how, in order to really have a shot at a just peace in a sustainable future, we need to heal our planet, today. We are redoubling our commitment to hope on the environmental front, in all areas.

Students Rock Our World

Campus Moviefest students have, over the years, made some outstanding films on the environment, as part of our Elfenworks Student Social Justice category. For example, check out this student film, spotlighting the urgent need to reconsider plastics, entitled Every Bottle Counts.  It is a lighthearted look at an important subject: what if all the plastic bottles we used followed us around? 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day, and even when recycled, they damage the Earth. This film reminds viewers: save your money, and save our planet.  Film By: Diana Ramos, Bridgewater State University. Winner: Honorable Mention, 2012:

We hope that the information on this spotlight page has brought you inspiration and hope, and perhaps inspired you to action as well. For more ideas for how you can make a big ripple with your time, treasure, and talents visit our “make a ripple” page,

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