Visionary In Harmony with Hope Award winners are working to bring hope to the economic landscape by:   

Student filmmakers have spotlighted the need for good jobs with award-winning films including: 

  • A Living Wage, A Better Life: This film is exactly what it says it is: a call to a living wage, for a better life. Film By: Team Brainstorming, Ravensbourne (UK). Winner: Honorable Mention (UK)
  • Planting Seeds: An inherently good man who is unable to find a job still manages to make the world a better place, one small interaction at a time. Film By: Grant Smucker, Ohio State University. Winner: Honorable Mention, 2011
  • Unemployed: This film focuses on the widespread unemployment in America, noting that “it takes a lot of heart, and possibly a lot of sacrifice, to get that first step up.” Film By: Tiffany Harrell, Georgia State University. Winner: Honorable Mention, 2011

They have also highlighted poverty itself, with award-winning films including:

    • A Closer Look at Poverty: In this “call to action” film explaining poverty, many possible ways of helping are explored. Film by: Live Wealthy’s Crew at Stetson University. Winner: Honorable Mention, 2016 (Call to Action)
    • The Art of Overcoming Poverty:  This film, set in the Atlanta area, where 24% of the population live below the poverty line, examines the systems set in place that keep the poor at a disadvantage, as well as individuals working against those systems. Film By: Nathan Black, Georgia Institute of Technology. Winner: Honorable Mention (Best Message) 2008
    • Busker: A tale about easy judgments, seen through the eyes of a businessman and a busker. “A street musician and a businessman have a run in, though neither’s story is what the other may expect.” Film By: Albert Lee, Rutgers. Winner: Honorable Mention, 2011
    • Growing Up in the Ghetto: This interview driven documentary tackles the issues faced by children that grow up in impoverished neighborhoods in Baltimore City.  Film by: Amy Berbert, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Winner: First Prize, 2017
    • Lemonade: A surprisingly pragmatic young girl attempts to navigate the American economy with her lemonade stand. Film By: Valentina Vee, UCLA. Winner: Fourth Prize, 2013
    • See Me: A musical exploration of a young man in need of a job, and the inner demons repeating external, often superficial criticisms he faces. Film By: James Davis, Hunter College. Winner: Third Prize, 2013
    • Systematic Living:  A cold, hard look at what the filmmaker describes as systematic living: the chain reaction spurred by a lack of opportunities and education in her community. She struggles to keep her dreams alive, using spoken word as way to share her thoughts and hopes for a better life. Film By: Joyce & Jean Lu Bevins, Indiana University. Winner: First Prize, 2014

We hope that information/films in this spotlight page have filled you with new hope for the future, and perhaps inspired you to action as well. For more ideas for how you can make a big ripple with your time, treasure, and talents visit our “make a ripple” page,

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