On this page, we highlight students who are having an impact in social entrepreneurship.  Educators, do you know of students who should be added to this page? Have they learned the Seven Pillar Methodology and been inspired to make a difference? We’d love to hear from you!  

We are very proud of one of our young interns from a few years ago. Ms. Cari Sprague is now in college. While in high school, she applied what she knew about social entrepreneurship, spearheading the first Campus Kitchen in California, at Sacred Heart Prep. Campus Kitchen Project nationally is the product of Robert Egger, who was a winner of our In Harmony With Hope award, and was the founder of DC Central Kitchen, highlighted in the book that forms the backbone of this course. To learn more about this Campus Kitchen, click here.  Our other student interns have also been a great boon. While still in college, they have created videos for our ECNISC website, authored papers (e.g., Chinatown Sub-par Housing), and suggested important updates to our website, including our Global Glance page. 

Another young high schooler who is already making great ripples was a young man we met while at a speaking engagement at the World Affairs Council in Amman, Jordan. He asked a challenging question: what we were doing to make the material easily available at the high school level, and if it wasn’t being taught at the high school level, why not?  This prompted us to action. As a result, efforts are underway to create online video-based teaching tools for faculty interested to teach the Seven Pillars. Teachers, we’d love to hear from you about what your needs are, to make this a reality. 

A few years ago, we were so inspired by the generous hearts of some very, very young students including Phoebe, featured in a YouTube video that will warm your hearts. We honor such young students with an Elfen Works award.  Another young team received an award for providing 8,000 meals for San Franciscans in need, before they even started grade school. We honored them with an Elfen Works Award.   

More recently, an eight year old girl named Tamara created an 11 page book of her experience using the Breathing Butterfly app – our free app that helps kids reduce stress.  This inspired us to create a “fan art” webpage, and likely inspired a lot of kids to download the app, as well.

Students, never underestimate your ripple!

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